Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas in the HEART


Christmas in your HEART

How do you spend your Christmas. Is it a time for gifts & special cooking or baking? It's often a time spent with your family. You bring out the decorations & the lights get strung. A lot of people plan to travel back home, wherever that may be. If you have kids, it's filled with party's & concerts and ways to make their holidays filled with sweet memories.
Then for some Christmas can be a sad time of year. While the excitement goes on around you if you don't have extra money it can be stressful to buy presents for your children or family. Or if you are unable to travel to be with family perhaps you feel lonely. Some of us don't have children so we don't experience seeing the excitement when they open presents or get to make Christmas cookies with them. And some have lost love ones & no many how many years pass, there is an aching in your heart that somehow hurts a little more at this time of year.
Well this year I've experienced some of the sad but have been coming to realize that Christmas really is in your HEART. Because you can have lots of money but nothing you buy will dull the ache of not having a little boy or girl to cuddle up to while watching Christmas movies. As much as you wish you can only bring back your loved one who has passed in memory. There are lots of things we can't change. But living in this cold northern town of Fort McMurray this Christmas and reading & experiencing the kindness of others has reminded me that Christmas is not under the tree but in your HEART.

I know it's not unheard of to donate during the Christmas season. I've done it. The Salvation Army Christmas kettle & the Food Bank. But I've been reading about people going the extra mile not only here but everywhere. Facebook is a fantastic way to share your experiences & to therefore take someone who is sad & to remind you what is really important. 

Here are some of the little bursts of Christmas spirit that I've experienced or read about.

                                     ~Random Acts of Kindness~

There are many people who are buying coffee or paying for orders for the people behind them & asking for it to be payed forward. A simple way to spread joy. 

There are people & families who are sponsoring families with gifts & food who would otherwise not have it. 

There is a lady with 2 children who have Mickie & Minnie costumes who are delivering letters & donated gifts to children throughout the city in freezing temps. 

I saw a lady send a post that her husband will make calls to children as Santa if they gave their name & phone numbers. 

My sister asked for anyone who had a small tree to give to a friend in the hospital who wouldn't be home for Christmas. 

My friend invited me over to spend Christmas dinner with her & her family as I'll be alone because my husband has to work. 

I know that there are many people who go above & beyond to share the spirit of the season. I am now challenged to do something more. To give really is a great feeling. To witness someone give is also a feeling that's hard to describe. I get a feeling in my belly when I put $20 in that kettle at the mall. And to see another do the same really does touch me. 

I read how a lady who can't go home for Christmas & who wasn't in the Christmas spirit witnessed her neighbours as Minnie, Mickey & their Mom left the home after one of their visits. The little boy in the window with his Mother were jumping & clapping because they experienced something so amazing. All in the spirit of the holiday. She has experienced a Christmas miracle. Thank you everyone who has gone the extra mile & made someones day, someones Christmas a little brighter. You are spreading love & joy at a time that may be sad & lonely for some. You are what true meaning of Christmas represents.


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