Thursday, October 27, 2011

A blase` kinda day...

Why am I struggling to get back to blogging?  I did enjoy it and I think I still do, perhaps it is just one of those things...the longer you stay away the harder it is to get back into!  Well here I am again, trying to get back into it!!  I am having one of those days...not really in the mood to do much!  Well I guess I have already managed to get some things done, you know a bit of house cleaning, I have been to the grocery store to get some beef for steak on a bun for dinner tonight.  Also I went to the thrift store (love getting deals!) and picked up a couple of sweatshirts and a cute basket.  Then I came home and HAD to take the dogs for a walk...Mollie will not leave me alone until I take them out!  Which is a good thing considering my mood, I may not have gone!  But yeah, I am feeling a little down.  Perhaps the weather or just hormones...I don't really know.  I am going to try to update here and hope it helps!!!  Sorry for the boring update:)  But it is all life right!

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