Thursday, March 10, 2011

Take a Thrift store find and add a little paint and Voila!! It looks new and fresh again!

I placed this wall hanging in my craft room!  It looks great on the yellow wall:)
So I found this dark green and brown wall hanger (flower holder?) at The Salvation Army for $1.50
I knew that a coat of paint would help it out!
The original has the brown coming through the green. 
I love this aqua blue color and wanted the same effect with the white!
So I just quickly put a coat of blue, not being too particular.
Once dry, I sprayed a coat of white.  I used this KILZ primer because its what I had on hand and I like the flat finish that it has.  I then took a sanding sponge and gave the raised flowers a roughing up showing the beautiful blue!  Simple but that is what I love about it!  Any ideas on what else to put in there?  I thought I could store some scrapbooking supplies/tools but it is too deep...and a pair of scissors would get lost!

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