Sunday, January 23, 2011

Had fun shopping! Now all I have to do is get the inspiration to use these!!

Spending almost 3 weeks in Calgary right after Christmas left me with lots of time to look for sales!  And using the money that was given to me for Christmas I bought lots of goodies for scrapbooking and card making!!  We don't have a Micheals where we live so my Husband knows that when we go to the city that is one of my must stop places!
I finally got a ATG Gun!  I took it out of the box finally and it is the best!  I have so many little tape runners, from many company's.  The only one besides the ATG that is worth using are the ones from Stampin Up!.
Other note worthy finds were carts for $16.99 each.  That is unusual for Micheals here in Canada (from my knowledge)  And I found cheap rubber stamps with my initials!  Don't know what I will use them for but thought they were cute!
I picked up extra paper, a large pack of glue sticks and some cute little chipboard memory book albums and more stickers!

This whole lot of goodies were together in a value pack, it said the value was at $75.00 and the price was $14.99!!!  It was a really good deal, lots of brads and embellishments.
I just have to get into my room tomorrow to complete 6 cards for my next swap!

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