Friday, April 22, 2011

My Craft Space Before and Now!

Well I was just happy to have a space to keep all of my treasures
ahh...crafty mess!  I had a side server that we had in our old kitchen which provided some storage and then I had some tables!  I was happy :)
The computer is also in this room.

I thought the system for storing my scraps was the best thing....(the small clear drawers!  But boy did it ever take up alot of space!
And then my sweety & I were at Ikea and found this great desk/shelving system!

He insisted that I get it!   (I have been eyeing The Original Scrapbox for awhile...knowing full well that the price was too steep for us right now!)  And even though he knew that he would have to spend an afternoon putting it together, he convinced me to get it!

I am so glad he did...look at the nice space I have to lay out paper or whatever I am working on!

I like to have most of my tools and supplies out and handy for when I need them, otherwise I forget that I have it!

This side table is where I use my Cricut tools or sewing machine (mostly use the machine for cards!)

My stamps, texture plates, big shot dies and punches are all stored into the various storage boxes.

I still have this side bar in the room for storage and because I just can't get let myself to get rid of it!  It is much neater now though!
The other side of the room has the computer desk and Leos smurfs!

This room is not as neat or well organized as most of the craft spaces that I've seen on some blogs.  But I love it, it works for me & if I want to take a break from a project I can leave everything and close the door! 

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