Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top 10 Cards of 2010!!!

I had a busy year and didn't have a lot of extra time for making cards.  When I do have free time to do my fun things, I have to split it with scrap booking and card making.  But I did get to make some cards for family birthdays and card swaps!  I enjoy scrap booking but card making is my first love!!!  So here are my top 10 cards of 2010! 

There is a Blog Hop happening HERE!  So go ahead and have a look at all of the other great cards and card making blogs.  You will get some great inspiration for your own upcoming projects for 2011.  I LOVE all of your nice comments so I will thank you now :)) 

This first card I made for my sister, go here to have a closer look!
This was one of the first card packs that I made.  I love the colors!
You can have a look at each card here!

I made this gift card holder for my niece Jessica
Here are the details for this card!

This is a card that I made for my Dad, it was a challenge card!
This is where you can have a closer look!

Again THIS is another challenge!  This card is apart of a 6 pack that I made and gave to my SIL! 

As you can see I love to do the card packs!  This one comes with a paper purse type holder.
Click here to see more!

This is another cute Birthday card using my Cricut! 
Here are the details for this card!
I've wanted to try a card like this for some time, it took a little longer than a regular card but was worth it!
Here is where you can get more info!

I love the color combo on this card!

Finally a card that I did for this Christmas!  This has to be the best combination of color for me!
Here are the tips on how I made this card.

Well this post took longer than I thought!  There were some post that were not labeled properly!  Just reminds me that I need to put a little time into my blog to organize and clean it up!  I hope you like my top 10!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh these are so beautiful. I love the designs and the colors. I can't wait to see what else you create in 2011.

  2. Great selection of cards! Just lovely!! :)

  3. Lovely cards! I totally agree with your comment on your Christmas card! Those colors are amazing together!!!

  4. some great cards! I simply love the father's day card - gorgeous. Happy crafting for 2011 :-)

  5. So beautiful cards! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Your cards are lovely! Blues & browns are beautiful together!

  7. What a beautiful collection of cards! I enjoyed looking at all of them.

    Happy New Years!

  8. Love your selection of cards, such a beautiful mix. Thank you so much for joining in the hop.
    All the best for 2011 :)

  9. Great selection of cards! Hugs Marley

  10. Gorgeous cards!! I love the colour of the tri-fold card!!

  11. awesome cards I love your color combos

  12. What a lovely collection of cards. Wishing you a Happy and creative New Year!


  13. Beautiful cards, Michelle! I love the last one. Thanks for sharing your favourites!

  14. Beautiful selection of cards, TFS

  15. lovely cards,love the ice cream one.

  16. What a beautiful collection of cards! I enjoyed looking at all of them. Happy New Year

  17. A really wonderful collection of cards; thanks for sharing :D

  18. Great group of cards - I like all the embossing!

  19. I love your beautiful cards! So creative!

  20. Thanks for all of the great comments ladies!!! I love reading everyone of them! I look forward to checking out everyone of your blogs in the next few days!



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